We Are HarperRand

Healthcare Careers Start Here

HarperRand specializes in administering healthcare training programs for public institutions. We provide affordable, fast-paced programs that positively impact the lives of students and the communities we serve together.

What We Do

HarperRand is the solution for schools to provide healthcare programs to students, and for community partners to hire certified healthcare professionals. We manage all aspects of the program for our partners.


Our services provide healthcare education programs to solve the shortage of workers by uniting community partners with graduates.

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At HarperRand, we believe that affordable education solutions are the foundation for successful workforce development and career opportunities for graduates. Our organization innovates solutions, provides seamless education experiences, and ensures our partners empower students to access a better future.

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At HarperRand, we value accountability and teamwork. We believe employee satisfaction directly relates to our success. Our goal is to maintain a supportive and engaging company culture where employees feel motivated and empowered to grow their careers.